I’ve never done this before, but for the first time in a long while I am excited about a writing project I just started, so I thought I’d give occasional updates on progress, ideas, pitfalls, fascinating sources, etc. Mostly to keep me motivated.

I was chatting with some former students via social media. They were lamenting the assignment sheets they’ve received yesterday and today. Ugh, research papers. Ten Pages! Twelve Pages! One of them jokingly reminded them that a thesis or dissertation could run into the hundreds. Another shot back, “What on earth could anyone write about for 200 pages?” I asked if that was a dare, and apparently it was, and I was given a topic, and now I am working on the outline on The Evolution of the American Cartoon. Tentative title: “The Coyote in Search of the Divine: American Animation Art.”

It’s been an hour. I’ve got 509 words. Two of them are “Ub Iwerks.”

I love my students.